Can I Control My Dreams?

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Can I Control My Dreams?

Post by Neal Ocampo on Thu Oct 17, 2013 2:46 am

How do people control their dreams?

By dreaming! That may sound overly naive, but that's where it starts. Visualization is the fertile soil that makes someone capable to control his/her dreams.

Visualization is a "holy curiosity."

If you come from a discouraging background, or you don't think of yourself as an especially visionary person, don't lose hope. You can still develop the ability to control your dream. God has put that ability in every one of us.

If you can achieve a high level lucidity and after you have mastered dream control, you can see your vivid visualizations at work, whisking them away from this world to ones of your own creation.

You have it in you to dream.

Who dreams up such a place?

From my personal experience, I'd say that the worse or more uninspiring your dreams are, the more likely you are to use your sunconscious mind and invent worlds where everything seems possible.

That's certainly true of me. You want to have some adventure in some mountain? If you manage to control what happens in the dream, you can go for an adventure! You can fly if you want to, or even experience what is like to have superpowers. Very Happy 

Many people practice lucid dreaming and dream control because it could tell them a great deal about their every day life in their waking state. By properly doing this practice, they could see if there is something wrong with their health. They could tell what is going to happen in the future and prepare themelves and it could help them find solutions to their problems.

I truly believe that everyone has the potential to visualize a worthwhile dream, and most have the ability to achieve it.

Techniques in Dream Control

1. The first technique is identifying dreams symbols. Symbols are elements of a dream, which indicate that you are dreaming. Since a dream is the language of the subconscious mind, symbols in dreams are, in most of the cases, personal, they are different for each person because everyone has different levels of consciousness. So, you have to identify these symbols by analyzing what is going on in your life (this includes your health, mentality, emotions,and spirituality). This way you can become familiar with your own personal dreams symbols and set your mind to recognize them and become lucid in future dreams.

2. The next technique is based on studies that have shown that the best time to practice dream control is after awaking from a dream, before returning to sleep again. When you awaken from a dream, recall it as detailed as you can.

While returning to sleep, visualize on your intention to remember to recognize that you're dreaming and follow these steps:

Arrow Know what you want. So now you are going to think about what you really want. Decide what you want to visualize first in as concrete a way as possible. Ask yourself deeply.

Think about some good friends you know. Visualize all the good stuffs that you await coming into your life. Let good thoughts create a good dream!

Arrow Release negative emotions. In order to do this you have to acquire two positive emotions to battle the negative ones. First is the emotion of gratitude. Gratitude to whom, you may ask? Of course, to God who always there to help you on your journey. Then the second emotion is a sense of serenity. This is an outflow of your expectation that you are the master of your own thoughts.

Arrow Relax your mind. Let go of any other thought. You could use a relaxation technique, listen to some good soft music (classical or worship songs are better) or do a breathing excersise. But for me, the best way that truly relaxes me is when I read and meditate on God's Words. I t take time to study the Scriptures and it's instructions, and then I think about what I learned.

Psalm 46 is one of the most effective meditative passage I always read and contimplate with. It is all about the mediation of God's kingdom in the heart of faith. The verse advices us to "be still". The Hebrew word that was used there according to Strong's is "rapha", meaning to to let go or release. In other words, we have to surrender ourselves in order to know that God is in full control. When we surrender to Him, we will find peace and be freed from mental boundaries.

So you see, we can really change our bad dreams or nightmares into sweet ones. We can replace negative thoughts with good ones -- just like you can change lousy clothes for great dresses. It’s our brain folks, after all. And it’s our life.

Precognitive or Prophectic Dreams

Scriptures gives much importance to this kind of dream and considers these dreams as divine in nature. These kind of dreams should not be altered or controlled since they are messages from Above.

Therefore, do not "programmed" yourself to control dreams unless they are not prophetic, because it might bring up serious issues.

If you perceive that your dreams have significant hidden meanings, then let your dream be that, and just trust both your subconscious mind and God to direct your dreams if that's what's needed.


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